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Find online resources for reviews of games and video game stores, lists of video game prices, video game podcast series, and other valuable services.

Video gaming is a way of life for a lot of us. I am old enough to remember getting my first Atari, and I have a Nintendo collection that only an old timer could have accumulated. The new games are great, and I dont blame people who camp out all night to get a new release, though that’s not my style. I am more into collecting the old stuff and playing the new stuff occasionally. I have hit the big game stores in New York, the Chicago video game stores, and just about every place in between, with mixed experiences. Some of those places really ripped me off, and I didnt even know it.

Getting Video Game Collecting Tips Helps Out

Fortunately, there are resources on line that can really help. I found an online Nintendo NES prices guide that let me know what I should be paying for games. You can get Sega Saturn prices, and find prices for Playstation as well. The first step of shopping wisely is to know what a reasonable price is, I think. The cool thing about these websites is that they are not trying to make money off of you. These are websites that are made by gamers to help other gamers out. That’s why you can trust them to give you real prices. I have been collecting Super Nintendo game stuff for years, and I didnt know half as much as these guys. One site even does a video game podcast with all kinds of good information on old and new games.

The Value of Reviews

Reviews can really help out. There are so many games coming out all the time, and old ones that I havent even gotten around to yet, that reviews are very useful. I read a great Shadow of the Colossus review recently that really changed my mind about the game. A good, unbiased review can save you from spending a lot of money and time on a game you will hate. Good reviews give you insights into the games that can help you make better decisions. Then there are reviews of video game stores, which are maybe even more valuable. If someone can steer you away from a bad video game store where they are likely to rip you off, they have done you a big favor. You can find lists and locations of video game stores all over the world on these sites, which is really cool, and reviews of their selection, prices, service, etc.

These online sources are there to help you save money, find what you are looking for, and avoid wasting time. The list of video game prices is especially useful on these sites so you know if you are being treated fairly. The better sites have content that is really fun to read, and very educational. You cant be arrogant about your video game knowledge. There is always someone who knows more, and it only makes sense to listen and learn. These guys are out to help you, so let them. I dont have the time to try out every game in the world, or the money. Most of the reviews are written to tell you what kinds of people are likely to enjoy the game, not whether it is just good or bad. Sometimes I realize that I may not like a game, but I should pick it up for a friend who would love it. It’s all about creating a community and enjoying the games together, or at least enjoy sharing information and opinions together.

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