Top 6 Wii extras you should purchase now

You will need more Controllers

As the Wii comes with only one wiimote and one Nunchuk you will probably want to buy extras so you can play games with your friends and family. Extra Wii controllers and nunchuks helps take the gaming experience to greater level. Trust me Wii Sports is much more fun playing against a Human!

Wii Sports Pack

The wii sports pack has a range of cool controller extras that make the games more realistic, these add ons include. A Golf Club Grip, Baseball Bat and mini Tennis Racket Grip, all of the add ons quickly attach quickly and to the Wii-mote.

Wii Steering Wheel

The wii steering wheel is a simple but effective attachmentto the Wii-mote, I find that gripping the Wiimote with out one makes car games just feel wrong. The Steering wheel attachmentmakes it feel more natural and increases the game play reality.

Better AV Cables

When you buy the Wii it includes some rubbish RCA cables that are lets face it a bit old skool! If you are lucky enough to own a Plasma TV, DLP or LCD Screen then a great way to gain a extra quality picture is to replace the cables with either Wii component AV cables or a Wii S-Video cable. The Wii is not HD like the PS3 or Xbox360 it’s still a quick way to get a better picture with cheap costs.

Charging Stations

If you’re a hardened gamer like me you will notice that the Wii Controllers have a real appetite for AA batteries. There are many docking stations for wii controllers that replace the normal alkaline batteries for rechargeable ones. The wii controllers simply charge up whilst not in use ensuring that when you come to play you’re not left feeling flat.

GameCube Controller

If you plan on using the Wiis backwards compatibility then the Gamecube controller is a must, they can be bought on eBay for peanuts. You can even buy the cordless Wavebird controller for wire free gaming.


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